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Our outcome-focused solutions span research, strategy, coaching, branding, creative engagement and market-outreach execution.

PR Consulting

We focus on Corporate and Brand communications. We devise leadership and stakeholder outreach initiatives for internal and external impact within the organizational framework.

We specialize in designing and executing creative communication campaigns. Our forte is Crisis and Reputation management by perception re-engineering.

Government Outreach Consulting

We run political PR campaigns and help governments with destination branding of the state in terms of business, trade and tourism and provide integrated communication support for the Investment summits.

We devise and execute public advocacy programs and help in creatively promote Govt schemes to manage perception for state and central Govt bodies.

Digital Consulting

We are specialists in Digital perception campaigns and ORM ( Online Reputation management services ).

Our digital perception consulting focuses a unique approach as we offer AI driven social listening and sentiment analysis by advanced tools, creative campaign driven social engagement and outreach.

Your Image fuels growth.
Your Reputation builds credibility.
Perception about you influences both!

Our Brand Perception Consulting

We approach it with our 3-step process
1. Perception Audit

1. Perception Audit

We capture your marketplace insights across platforms by advanced technology tools about your brand/business and enable you make fact-based decisions to resolve impending issues that affect your brand growth.

2. Perception strategy

2. Perception strategy

We align your business and marketing goals with the communication strategy of your organization to improve and impact the stakeholder perception.

3. Growth Acceleration

3. Growth Acceleration

We re-create your brand image to help you break through the clutter of competing brands and craft a new competitive position to take your business to the next level of growth by means of Brand perception re-positioning, PR/Perception and digital communication campaigns.

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